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Trans Logroño
Trans Logroño

Quality and certifications

Commitment to ongoing improvement
TRANS LOGROÑO works under the requirements of IFS Logistics, a regulation specifically developed for storage, distribution, transport, loading and unloading of food products and foodstuffs. This commitment to IFS Logistics is a guarantee of the company’s compliance with legal requirements, the level of quality promised to customers and the maintenance of food safety during operations.
Quality and certifications
The company is conscious of its social responsibilities and as part of this, has forged a strong commitment to the environment and sustainability. We are the first transport company in La Rioja to calculate its carbon footprint and we are certified by KIWA.

On August 8, 2012, our company was awarded 5 stars, the highest rating, in the environmental ECOSTAR certification, a European project managed by the University of Cantabria. This is a recognition of our commitment to the environment and our efforts to improve operational efficiency, as well as reducing energy consumption and harmful emissions.

TRANS LOGROÑO is a member and active participant of the ENECO2 programme, an ecological innovation programme, aimed at creating direct relationships for the development of joint projects and synergies that help to improve the economy and the environment.

1.- Health authority registration for the transport of food products/foodstuffs.
2.- Health authority registration for the transport of animal feed.
3.- Registration for the transport of non-hazardous waste.
4.- All drivers hold a food handling license.
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