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Trans Logroño
Trans Logroño

From Julio Gutiérrez to TRANS LOGROÑO

More than 50 years at your service
TRANS LOGROÑO has been providing goods transportation services since the mid Sixties (1964), when Julio Gutiérrez, along with his partner, purchased their first lorry, a Pegaso 200 which they personally used to provide transport services throughout the whole of Spain, with the help of a second driver.

After two years of intense activity, and with the arrival of a second partner in the company, they founded the transport agency "TRANSPORTES RIOJA".

At a national level, these were the most important years in terms of financial growth. This resulted in an increase in demand for transportation of all types of goods, most notably, coal, raw products and food products from the countryside, as well as construction materials, which were in high demand for the new building projects that were boosting the growth of Spanish cities. Under these circumstances, with its vision focused on customer service, TRANSPORTES RIOJA was able to consolidate and expand its transport services in the late 1960s with the purchase of three lorries (Barreiros) to transport all types of goods throughout Spain.

A few years later, the company purchased La Logroñesa, a haulier providing a regular package service to and from Madrid. From that moment on, the company adopted the name "RIOJA LA LOGROÑESA, S.A."
From Julio Gutiérrez to TRANS LOGROÑO
In 1981, the partners of RIOJA LA LOGROÑESA, S.A. split and Mr. Julio
Gutiérrez founded TRANS LOGROÑO, with a small fleet of 3 lorries and headquartered at 8, C/ Ingeniero de la Cierva, in Logroño. These premises were dedicated to full-load and groupage shipments.

1985 saw the purchase of the company TRANSPORTES LEIVA, which provided bulk wine transport in the region of La Rioja with three tanker vehicles. The start of this new service gave rise to the company’s first international routes, transporting bulk wine to the train station of Hendaye in France.

In 1986, the company made its final name change to TRANS LOGROÑO, S.A.

Years of hard work and an unwavering commitment to meeting customers’ requests have allowed the company to grow and enabled the incorporation of the second generation of the Gutiérrez family at the end of the 1990s.

These past twenty years have been a period of constant work in innovation and integration of new technologies into the company’s day-to-day activity, in order to adapt their services to new market demands.
Work philosophy
TRANS LOGROÑO has based its work philosophy on commitment and quality. We are much more than a provider of logistical services, and the customised advice we provide, along with our clear dedication to service, makes us an excellent strategic partner for our customers.
From Julio Gutiérrez to TRANS LOGROÑO
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